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To Discover the Beauty of Nature,

Dive into the Fascinating World of Palm Trees!

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Coco Palm Plant

As a family with a deep-rooted tradition of ornamental plants extending from past to present, we decided to further privatize our production activities, relying on our sectoral experience and academic knowledge. Aiming to increase our expertise in this field by focusing especially on the Chamaerops Excelsa (Trachycarpus fortunei) species among outdoor ornamental plants, we started the production and cultivation of Chamaerops Excelsa under the name "Coco Palm Plant" in Bursa Mustafakemalpaşa in 2013.

This effort of specialization has allowed us to meticulously understand the unique characteristics and care requirements of Chamaerops Excelsa . In this way, we have improved our ability to provide high quality and specialized care to our customers. With our vision of leaving a sustainable world to future generations, we continue our work with determination by increasing our production capacity.


As Coco Palm Plant, we attach importance to environmentally friendly practices and improve our production processes.
We take care to manage it in a sustainable way. This reflects our responsibility to protect nature.
It allows us to deliver environmentally friendly products to our customers.


We follow the developments in the sector closely and prioritize customer satisfaction.
We aim to grow and reach a wider audience. In this process, with our valued customers
We aim to establish solid communication, enrich our product range and adhere to sustainability principles.
We plan to emphasize our commitment at every opportunity.


We are proud to work together to leave a green touch to the future and to become a quality brand in the world of ornamental plants. We continue to work with enthusiasm to continue adding value to our customers and business partners.

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